Misericordia Activa March 2015

Castillo Fuerte opens a soup kitchen to feed our hungry kids! IMG_0535IMG_0527IMG_0525







Read more about the new soup kitchen at our site in La Victoria as well as the other activities from the last month. These include recieving my residency status, starting a ministry to the pre-teen girls, ending summer and starting school and the confirmation of one of my best friends Carmen Rosa. Check out all this and more in the March issue of Misericordia Activa my newsletter from Lima Peru.

March 2015

Miss, why do you talk like that?

After three days of the same question, from the same child the only thing I can do to keep from yelling at her is to laugh. Laugh along with me, or at me as the case may be. Here’s our conversation, the same one every day.

4 year old: “miss why do you talk like that?”
Me: “like what miley?”
4 year old: “like that miss.”
Me: “like what?”
4 year old: “wierd. Speak like me, miss. It’s easy.”

Today one of the older boys piped up. He’s 7. “It’s okay. no one understands the miss.”

As much as I try to imitate them, pretty sure we’ll be having this conversation about my spanish again tomorrow and for the next 20 years.

Residency in Peru!

my carnet!

After living in Peru for a year and a half I am finally a legal resident of the country! I hold in my hands my carnet, esentially my green card. Normally residency is an easy process in Peru. All the other missionaries had achieved residency within months of their arrival. However for some reason or another my residency has been held up for over a year. As the end of my internship and possibly my time in Peru draws near I have finally recieved my legal status and approval from the government. Thank you for joining me in pray for my residency. The Lord has heard and answered. Please join me now in praising the Lord for His provision in this act of the earthly government.