Health Fair October 2013

Last weekend, we had a mercy medical team here from the States to help guide us in leading a health fair. We had nurses from all over the States join together to come and visit us for a week. They spent some time training the full time missionaries in CPR, first aid and some other areas to help us fulfill the Health objective of our Mercy House in La Victoria. On Saturday, we spent the day in the park in La Victoria right outside our Mercy House. We held a health fair which we opened up to the entire community. It was a great chance to build relationships with community partners as well as community members.  We were able to work with the local municipality, security and several health organizations here in Lima. We got the name of Castillo Fuerte out there a little more, (it was even on a big city billboard!) had a chance to show adults and parents the location of the mercy house and tell them about our normal activities for the children.  The health fair mostly focused on health education. We gave out lots of goodies, spent time educating about life style changes which can improve overall health and talked about warning signs of serious health problems. In everything we did serving the physical needs of the community we also kept in mind their spiritual needs. We handed out Gospel & devotional materials and got to share with people Christ’s love. As a church we had a chance to reflect upon the mercy which God has shown to us and the reason which we show mercy to our neighbors. Here’s a small video clip which I made during the health fair.

Let me know if you like it and if I should do it again and how to improve the next one 🙂

God Provides: new missionaries! and for all needs

Praise and thanks be to God today as He has called new workers into the harvest. This morning Rev. Joshua Gale announced his acceptance of the call issued by the LCMS Office of International Missions to serve as a missionary in Lima, Peru. Pastor Gale will work with our street-outreach in the city and help us to open another Lutheran church and congregation. Please pray for him, his wife Amanda and their two young children as they begin the process of saying goodbye to their current congregation, fundraising and moving to Peru. Please let me know if any of you are able to aid Pastor Gale and his family in this processes or would like to further get to know the mission in Peru by getting to know another one of it’s missionaries.

Praise be to God as He always provides for our needs. He provides workers for the harvest and people for the church to serve. But the Lord doesn’t just stop there with the needs of His church instead he provides for each and every need of his individual children as well. “He provides me with food and clothing, home and family, daily work and all that I need from day to day.” We often remember these first article gifts (Apostles’ Creed) that are so important to each of us individually, like the hot shower or favorite comfy pants, our family and our house. We should also remember that these are not the only ways in which the Lord has provided for us. The Lord has provided the most important gift for us on the Cross at Calvary.

The gift of the final sacrifice which pays for all of our sins. Our sinful actions and status requires payment to be made in order for us to stand before God. This must be done through a sacrifice of innocent blood.  God provided the offering for that pure sacrifice just as our forefathers in the Old Testament knew He would.

“Abraham said, ‘God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.” Genesis 22:8

Through the death of Christ, as the sacrificial lamb who purifies us, our salvation has been provided.

“We have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.” Hebrews 10:10.

Nothing is left to chance. God provided for our greatest need 2,000 years ago when He died upon the cross. We confess this every time we say the Apostles’ Creed. In the second article we confess, “Jesus has purchased and won me a lost and condemned person…with His holy and precious blood and His innocent suffering and death.” Our Father in heaven provides for all we need in Christ Jesus. And we continually thank and praise Him for this provision.

Prayer Request

I have wonderful news and a prayer request as well. We have extended a call to a new Pastor. Pastor Joshua Gale has been called by the Office of International Missions to serve as a missionary in Lima, Peru. We are very excited about the possibility of a new Pastor to help with the Word and Sacrament Ministry here in Peru. Please pray for the Gale family as Pastor considers this call. Please pray for the mission here as we ask that in His time He will send more workers into the field for the harvest is ready. Please also pray for the congregation in Pittsburgh which Pastor Gale is currently serving.