Safely in Lima!

Hey Everyone! I have made it safely to Peru. This week hopefully I will update you with pictures and stories about our week of missionary retreat and training in the Dominican Republic. But I thought I’d give you a small update about my first days in Lima and what my life has been filled with.

Our flight got in to Lima at like 6 am on Sunday morning. Everything went smoothly with my flights and all my bags got here as well. I don’t yet have a visa, but we will start the paper work this week. The immigration officials gave me a 90 day tourist status. Please pray that we are able to get all the paperwork completed with the government.

When we got in, we had news that there was flooding at my apartment so we went there right away to check it out. Thankfully, the flooding was coming from a different apartment and we had only been blamed because we were away for a week. We praise God that the apartment was not flooded, and pray that He will guide us in dealing with the landlord about the cost of the running water. I picked up a cold during our travel and so the rest of Sunday was spent sleeping and trying to recover from the travels.

This morning, Monday, we took my things to my apartment. (I have been staying with Pastor and his family until Rachel returns.) Then, we exchanged all my US dollars for soles. Pastor gave me a tour of the offices and the part of the city where we will be working the most.

By lunch time Rosa, a Peruvian member of our church and member of our mission team came and picked me up. We rode the bus down town and visited Miraflores: a rich, shopping district of the city right on the Ocean. It was beautiful. We had Peruvian food for lunch at a Menu (pronounced may-new). It was delicious, I got a appetizer, drink and entree all for about $3 US.  We then shopped a little, walked around the city, went down to the Ocean and saw much. Hopefully, I will get you some pictures on the blog soon but until then please check out my facebook page, I have a whole album of photos there. Just send me a friend request and I’ll share them all with you that way.

Now I am headed to bed, so that I get over this cold. Please pray for my health so that I am able to keep up with everything which needs to be done in the next few weeks.

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