An Update on Spanish Lessons

Everyone has been asking me how my Spanish lessons have been going. I’ve been doing Spanish lessons via Skype since the end of June with a tutor who grew up in Lima. I’ve typically only had 2 hours each week and have total less that 20 hours at this point. I only have 10 days left in the US and I will say I do not yet feel ready to live in a Spanish land.I have expressed this to my professor and we have turned the heat up on my lessons over the last few weeks.

This week I had Spanish lessons every day with homework in-between lessons. And for the first time my lessons have been mostly in Spanish with little English being used. This week I have served as a translator, taking things from English and putting them into Spanish on the spot.  I have spoken in Spanish with those in Peru, Argentina, Spain and the Dominican Republic. I have read and watched news reports in Spanish and had to report what they were about. In many ways it has been a trying experience for me, stretching me to the edges of my abilities and forcing me further. I am pleased to announce in many ways I have failed (a prime example: I tried to tell my professor I was tired over the weekend and instead told him I got married haha) but in many ways I have succeeded as well.

So after a grueling week, I think my professor knew I needed something fun. My homework to watch the following video!

Who could ask for better homework? Watching Disney? Yes Please!

It’s in Spanish; the assignment: to record the common phrases and key words which I can understand. Join me in my homework this weekend! I bet even with out having studied Spanish you can learn many phrases just from knowing the movies so well!  Disney apparently speaks across all cultures.

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